Hinge Lok Plus

Safe handling of casing, tubing and stabilizers

The new HINGE - LOK™ Plus handling system from Global Offshore is the only system of its kind currently on the market that is manufactered, and approved to DNV 2.7 - 1 standard.

The HINGE - LOK™ Plus is designed for offshore transportation and protection of all types of casing, tubing, screen liners, expandble liners, completion assemblies, stabilizers and drilling jars.

The HINGE - LOK™ Plus can be used with both connventional pipe handling and mechanized pipe handling systems. The specially designed removable pipe separators allow the same HINGE - LOK™ Plus to be used for various sizes of pipe and assemblies, elleminating the need for client to stock various sizes of HINGE - LOK™ handling systems.

One of the main functions of the HINGE - LOK™ Plus is to dramatically reduce both on and offshore manual handling. Pipe, tally, drifting and centralizer installation can be carried out onshore and loaded into the HINGE - LOK™ Plus in running order prior to being shipped offshore.

This eliminates the need for theese time consumming and manualy challening operations being carried out offshore. Pipe will not have to handled again until it is ready to run into the wellbore directly from the HINGE - LOK™ Plus

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A DNV 2.7-1 Solution for safe and effiecient handling of tubulars