Hinge Lok

A safe and efficient way to handle your casing and tubing

Certified to DNV 0378 standard
The HINGE-LOK™ range of products include the following – HINGE-LOK™, HINGE-LOK™ SP, HINGE-LOK™ C & HINGE-LOK™ PLUS. This will give our clients a range of solutions to allow safe and efficient handline and transportation of all types of tubulars

The HINGE-LOK™ system is designed to be used with both conventional & mechanized pipe handling systems. With only six swivel – lok nuts it makes this system safe and easy to assemble. The system is also designed to allow the fully loaded frames to be stacked two high.

The system can accommodate various sizes of tubular within the same frame. Making this the only system currently available on the market.

All cross beams within the HINGE-LOK ™ system are manufactured from a one piece fully extruded AW6063 aluminium profile. This allows the cross beams to be machined to the clients desired size specification.


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Designed, tested and approved to DNV 0378 standard

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Lightweight and easy to handle

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Simply packed on a pallet ready for backload

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All cross beams are manufactured as a one piece extruded aluminium profile

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Lightweight one piece aluminium cross beams