Well Control Valves

Well Control Valves

Kelly, safety and internal blowout preventer valves are used to control fluid flow through the ID of wellbore tubulars.

These valves have been the choice of well drilling and workover companies for more than 30 years, originally from Bengal Sales & Service and now through M&M Oil Tools. M&M Oil Tools is proud to announce their latest innovation, the patent pending EZ-FIT CARTRIDGE that makes field servicing our kelly and safety valves even faster, easier and more reliable! No special tools are needed to remove or install the pre-tested cartridge.

  • M&M’s manually operated safety valves are designed to quickly stab into drillpipe, tubing or casing if a kick is encountered. Our manually operated kelly valves are installed at each end of the kelly, or below the top drive, to control flow from the wellbore and protect surface equipment from high pressure kicks. The lower kelly valve can also function as a mud saver valve preventing mud loss and hazardous rig floor conditions when tripping pipe.
  • These valves are available in one or two-piece construction. The compact one-piece design is ideally suited where space is at a premium or where handling weight is critical. Its smooth OD allows this valve to be run anywhere in the drill string. The two-piece design is available when larger internal diameters are desired.
  • All valves are offered with a variety of threads including left -hand connections for upper kelly applications that are matched to maintain drill string tensile strength capacity.

Mill certifcates, test reports and Certifcate of Conformance are provided with each valve.

The EZ-FIT CARTRIDGE ball valve features precision positive quarter-turn rotational stops for the fully open and closed positions to prevent interference with tool passage or fluid erosion that occurs in competitive products.The bi-directional valve holds pressure from above or below. Each feature soft and hard seats to provide enhanced sealing under low and high pressure conditions.

Our unique cartridge design permits pressure to equalize across the upper seal and ball to load it against the downstream seal. This prevents trapping pressure across the ball and reduces the torque required to open the valve.